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Weather Alerts On OnePlus 5

If you have just bought the OnePlus 5, you may be curious to learn what the weather alerts on your OnePlus 5 mean when it makes weird sounds and noises. For the people that have the OnePlus 5, it is recommended to learn what the weather alerts on the OnePlus 5 mean when the device makes weird sounds and noises. The weather alerts notification on your OnePlus 5 can help you stay safe, but some people would like to learn how they can turn severe weather alerts off on their OnePlus 5.

The severe weather alerts or emergency warning from state and local safety agencies, FCC, FEMA, government officials, Homeland Security, and National Weather Service. These alerts on the OnePlus 5 is important to have downloaded so it may be important to learn how you can turn severe weather notifications off. The OnePlus 5 smartphones have severe weather notifications and alerts or just like other devices. Some have said that the OnePlus 5 notifications are the most annoying and loud. Your OnePlus 5 had a variety of alert: Extreme, Presidential, AMBER, and Severe alerts. All of the alerts can be disable except one. Take a look at the instructions to learn how you can shut them off.


Turning Off The Weather Alerts on the OnePlus 5

You must go to your text message app that is called “Messaging” to be able to control the weather alerts and emergency on your OnePlus 5.

  1. Choose the 3 dots that are in top corner that will be your menu button.
  2. Navigate to your Settings.
  3. Look and choose the Emergency Alerts.
  4. Have the boxes unchecked that you do not want to receive alerts from.


If you would like to turn back on your alerts, just take a look at the instructions that are above and have the boxes rechecked in wish you would like to get notifications and alerts from. The alerts can all be turned off except one, presidential alerts. Now that you have read this article, you now know how to disable the alerts that were annoying on the OnePlus 5.

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