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Won’t Rotate Problem and Gyro Stopped Working On Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3

One of the problems that have been reported by the users of the Huawei is that it cannot rotate and also the accelerometer stopped working, basically, the screen does not rotate on the internet and at the same time, it refuses when the screen rotation is activated, it is still having the same problem. In this context, the screen is fixed on the vertical and the horizontal axis.

Another related problem on Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 is that the camera stopped working or has its images showing upside down. Some of the solutions to curb this problem are discussed below and if none of them solves the problem then the problem originates from the software and it is recommended that you update some of the installed software in the Huawei Smartphone. Thereafter you can hard reset the Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 to solve the problem of rotation.

Another possible method to confirm the functioning gyroscope is working or not is to perform a self- scrutiny on the Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 and this will help diagnose the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus screen rotation problem. Simply go to the dial pad and key *#0*# where the phone will be switched to service mode and from there you opt for the “sensors” to be able to proceed with a self-diagnosis of the problem. It wise to restore the phone to its factory defaults.

If the wireless carrier disabled the option to access the services screen. By now your service provider may be aware of the problem that you are facing with your Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 so it also important to let them know officially by contacting them read this guide to get an idea on how to factory reset the Huawei Smartphone. There is a way that this problem can be fixed but it has been mentioned by a few users but we do not advice, hit the phone with the back of your hand and this could give a solution.

Sometimes this problem does not go away after performing all of the above and it is advisable to hard reset the Huawei, but this process has got its own consequences that all the users have to be aware.

All the data and information in the phone will be erased completely including the apps already installed and the settings. To prevent any information from getting lost, you have to back up your data by going to the settings then find and tap on the “Backup and Reset” here is a guide on how to hard reset the Huawei P20/P10/P9/P8/Honor 10/9/8/7/Mate 10/9/8/Y9/Y5/Y3 Smartphone.

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