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Adding Favorites On iPhone X/iPhone 10 (Guide)

If you have favorite persons in your life, why wouldn’t you make them favorite contacts in the agenda of your iPhone X/iPhone 10? That way, you make sure that you’ll always have fast access to their contact details and you won’t need to browse through an endless list just to get to their name.


The Favorites feature – which, by the way, is not unique to iPhone devices – was specifically conceived for this purpose on any smartphone out there. Think of it as to a short list where only the most privileged contacts will be displayed. They will show up alphabetically, just like in the general tab of the Phone app, but since you will have only Favorite contacts in there, their number will be significantly smaller and you’ll spot them considerably faster.

The Contacts tab and the Favorites tab will go by the same rules, only that the latter will be a sequence from the former. As mentioned, the entries will be alphabetically listed and you should also have letters on the side, to spot them easier. Adding and removing people from the Favorites list, however, will be even easier. Let us show you how!


To add favorite contacts on your iPhone X/iPhone 10Contacts list:

  1. Go to the Phone app and launch it;
  2. Switch to the Favorites tab;
  3. Tap the Plus symbol;
  4. Tap on one contact that you wish to add to Favorites;
  5. Finally, tap on that person’s phone number to add it.


The last three steps from above make the sequence you’ll just have to keep repeating, whenever you want to add a new person to Favorites. Just pay attention not to overuse this option because, soon enough, that special list could get so long that it will be difficult to browse through it. And the whole purpose is to make it easier, not harder.

But then again, whether you added too many persons or you’ve changed your mind regarding some contacts, getting rid of them won’t be complicated either. The entire Favorites section is so intuitive and straightforward that you’ll probably be able to tell on your own how to shrink down that list…


In a nutshell, you have the Plus symbol for adding details and you have a Minus symbol for removing them. With one simple tap, the contact that you no longer wish to see on this list will disappear from Favorites and remain in the Contacts section alone.

On the same principle of operating changes with one tap, iPhone X/iPhone 10users also have the option to use the Star symbol. It acts just like the Plus symbol, but it has a double function. If you tap on it and it turns yellow, you have added the contact to Favorites and if you tap on the yellow star once again, you deactivate it and remove the entry.

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