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Adding Favorites On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max (Guide)

Ever shared your phone number with someone and heard them saying – “Let me just quickly add you to Favorites, so I can reach out to your number faster!“? Well, regardless if you have an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, or another similar smartphone, the Favorites feature works pretty much the same.

In this guide, we will show you what it takes to get to enjoy the same fast and convenient access to all the contacts that matter to you. Prepare yourself to stop searching through tens or hundreds of contacts you didn’t even know you had on your phone, just to find the right one. Move the right one to Favorites and you’ll get a separate, quick access mean that will spare you from all the hassle and problems.


Before you argue that you have the letters on the side of the Contacts tab for quicker access, allow us to ask you one thing – what if you have, like suggested above, too many contacts? Or, even more challenging, what if you can’t really recall how you saved that person’s number, with what name?

That’s what we thought too, so, maybe we should skip the small talk and go straight to the big issue? Read on to find out the useful instructions to add favorites on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max.


How to start adding favorites on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max agenda…

  1. Launch your Phone app;
  2. Head straight to the Favorites tab;
  3. Use the plus symbol;
  4. Select one contact;
  5. Select their phone number and add it;
  6. Repeat the steps for as many contacts as you want (but not too many, though – you wouldn’t want to end up with a just as long Favorites list!).


Now, if you got too excited about this option and ended up with people that you didn’t really want to favorite, here’s our suggestion – carefully revise this section and make up your mind. When you’ve decided what contacts you want to remove, return to the main window of the Phone app. Hit the Edit button from the upper left corner and, next to the contact’s name, you should easily identify a minus symbol.

Just like you used a plus symbol to add a contact to iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max favorites list, you can now use the minus symbol to remove it. Alternatively, you can also scroll down through your agenda. Whenever you bump into a contact from the favorites list (you’ll recognize it by the star symbol), you can easily tap its star and the effect will be the same.


Just to recap, when you want to add or to remove a favorite contact on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, you can use any of the plus/star symbols or the minus/star symbols to fix things easily. All the contacts in your favorites list will be displayed alphabetically through all this time!

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