Apple Continuing To Heavily Invest In Original Content With Two Big Executives Hires

Apple is continuing to push heavily into original content as it has planned to spend about $4.2 billion in original content in the next four years. To help with this focus on original content, Apple has hired two big executives to help lead with this goal.

Based on a new Variety report Apple has hired the famous Jennifer Wang Grazier and Hulu’s Philip Matthys to help with the goal to take on the large juggernauts Netflix and Amazon Video. The report goes on to say that Matthys started working at Apple last month and had experience at Hulu with projects like “Castle Rock,” “Marvel’s Runaways” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” While Grazier is expected to start working at Apple at the start of 2018. Her history includes two years at Legendary Entertainment and also work with Hulu, Netlfix and Amazon.

It seems like the new Apple team for original content is falling into place with Grazier expected to report to Matthys who then will be reporting to the former Sony executives, Amburg and Elricht.




New Original Content Coming

The Apple content programming team is very busy creating new original content with projects like shows from Steven Spielberg called Amazing Stories. It’s been reported that the cost for about 10 of these episodes will be around $50 million. In addition to new morning showing that are expected to be staring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

Already Apple has been creating new content with series like “Carpool Karaoke” and “Planet of the Apps” that have been getting good reviews.

As the transition for many to switch from cable to a la carte video option. Apple’s ecosystem advantage of sharing, streaming, and consuming content makes it for them to provide the best experience. It also has a very powerful brand image that very few people can match, which allows people to at least test out Apple’s new services, just like how they did with Apple Music.

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