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Apple iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13: How To Add Someone To Group Chat

Not long ago, we showed you the iOS 11, iOS 12 and iOS 13 tips on leaving a group chat message from Apple iPhone or iPad. But what actions do you have to take when coming across the situation of wanting to add a friend, a family member or a new colleague into your Group Chat on iMessage? According to the new technology in the marketplace, the latest Apple iPhone and iPad in iOS 11, iOS 12 and iOS 13 produced by this company have a great option that allows you to add new persons to an already formed Group Chat, without too much effort. This will reduce the number of threads that you would have normally opened.

A crucial information that you must know before getting this method into practice is that the following tutorial works only on group chats. You won’t be able to use it in a two-person conversation in which you want to add a third.


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Then again, you should know that the Group Chat has to have in its structure only iMessage users, not iMessage and SMS users combined. Therefore, it goes without saying that you won’t be able to add Android users in these groups. Moreover, the newly added members will not be able to see the messages shared by the members until that point; they will have access only to future messages.


To add a new person on an iMessage Group Chat in iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11:

  1. Turn on your Apple iPhone or iPad and browse to open the Messages application.
  2. Select the thread that corresponds to the Group Chat in which you want to add your friend.
  3. Press the button located at the top of the mobile device, named “Details”.
  4. After selecting “Add Contact”, search for the name of the person you want to add in and tap “Done”.


We hope that this tutorial made your social interaction level increase… Now don`t forget to teach others how you can add a new person to Group Chat on iMessage on Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11.




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