Apple iPhone X: Show Battery Percentage Guide

A common question for new iPhone owners, including the iPhone X is how to show battery percentage instead of the battery bar on your device. Being able to see the battery percentage is much easier to help you understand how much charge is left in your phone or how much longer you need to charge it for.

The ability to show battery percentage on iPhone X is very simple and can be done within a few seconds. The process takes almost no effort and we’ll explain how you can do this below. Later if you decide, you can always switch back from the iPhone X battery percentage and go back to the original display on your iPhone screen.



How to show battery percentage on iPhone X:

  1. Power on your iPhone X
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Browse and select on Battery
  4. Now browse and change the Battery Percentage toggle to ON
  5. Now you should see the battery percentage of iPhone X show up in the top right hand corner of your screen


After you’ve followed the steps above, you should know how to turn on battery percentage on iPhone X. Later if you decide that you’d prefer to use the original battery display instead of the percentage, you can always go back and follow the steps to turn off battery percentage on iPhone X.

Another thing that we should note is that in the same Battery section of Settings, you can also see what apps use lots of battery, and read the suggestions on how to save battery life of your iPhone X smartphone.



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