Apple Now Shipping iPhone X Between 1 To 2 Weeks

Great news for those hoping to be able to get the new iPhone X before the holiday season. It seems that Apple has fixed some supply chain problems that had made it extremely hard to purchase the iPhone X.

Originally the wait was 3-4 weeks which improved to 2-3 week wait to be able to own your new iPhone X. But it seems that many places around the world are now only having to wait 1-2 weeks before they get their hands on the new iPhone X. This includes the United States, Puerto Rice, Canada, parts of Asia, UK and Europe.

You can look up the estimated shipping time for an iPhone X to your home by going to the Apple website by going with this link and entering your zip code and see how long the wait is. The image below is the wait time for an iPhone X for those living in New York, New York.




Others have reported that they’ve been get their iPhone X a few days prior to the original expected delivery date. This is all great news for both future iPhone owners and Apple themselves. It’s expected that those living in areas outside the 1-2 week window should still be able to get their hands on a new iPhone X before Christmas time.

In addition, for those really desperate to own the iPhone X it’s suggested that you check the daily stock at your local Apple Store as they get extra stock somedays and will have a few extra available to purchase in store instead of having to wait a few weeks for one to be delivered to your home.

One thing that Apple wasn’t able to deliver for the holiday season is the much anticipated HomePod that many wanted for Christmas. This might be a big blow to Apple as they’re trying to compete with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.

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