Apple To Push Back The Release Of HomePod

If you were waiting for the HomePod smart speaker by Apple, you will have to wait a little bit longer. Apple has recently announce that their Siri-run smart speaker will be launched in 2018 before the holiday season.

The rival of the Google Home and Amazon Echo was supposed to be released in December but since the announcement, Apple has not made any sort of announcement regarding the smart speaker while they were announcing their brand new iPhone X in their keynote presentation in September.


HomePod Now Expected To Arrive In Early 2018

The HomePod was originally shown back in June, giving reporters a quick display to some reporters. Many had believed that this device indicated that Apple was trying to return back into music which they had previously led back in the early 2000s with iPod and iTunes.

Apple said that, “We can’t wait for people to use the HomePod, Apple’s revolutionary wireless speaker for the home, but we need a little more time before it’s ready for our customers and we’ll start shipping in the UK, Australia, and the US in early 2018.”


Trying To Compete With Amazon Echo 

The HomePod was a product that they need in their product line as it is their newest product category since Apple released the new Apple Watch three years ago. The HomePod is supposed to compete against the Amazon Echo from Amazon but with this delay, Apple’s HomePod will miss the holiday buying buzz.

Some reviewers were given the chance to test out the HomePod’s for themselves, reports have not yet been able to hear the Siri-run assistant. The HomePod is said to be released for $349, which is much more costly than the Amazon Echo speaker that goes for $110.


While we patiently wait, Google and Amazon have been making some updated to their own smart speaker line with Google introducing the new Home Mini which is a more budget friendly to the speaker and Amazon dropping the price of their Echo.

With the delay of the Apple HomePod, many customers are still patiently waiting to receive their brand new iPhone X that was just release earlier in October. The iPhone X, or 10 as some have called it, starts at a whopping $999. (Which is the most expensive iPhone model to date). A lot of customers have been waiting as long as six long weeks to receive their new smartphone as the high demand caused supply shortages on launch day.

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