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Audio Not Loud On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max (Solved)

Volume problems on Apple iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max devices are often referred to as “audio not loud”. We get such questions and complaints quite frequently and we know that it can manifest either on making calls or on receiving calls, sometimes even in both circumstances. When you cannot hear your callers or the other way around, you will probably want to try a few things on your own, prior to contacting the retailer when looking to fix audio not loud on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max.


Remove and reinsert the SIM card:

If you turn off the smartphone and take out its SIM card, suffices to let it sit like that for a minute or two and then, you can put it back. This will not only allow you to reposition the SIM in its special drawer, but it will also make the device read the SIM and connect to it once again. It’s been reported to fix the audio not loud problem on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max devices!


Do a cleanup of the microphone slot:

When dust, debris, or any other kind of dirt accumulates in that slot, you might have problems making yourself heard through the microphone. You don’t need to keep your iPhone in a particularly dirty place for this to happen. The dust from the atmosphere is more than enough to cause such occasional problems and even lint can accidentally get in there. Whatever the causes, some compressed air will always work wonders.


Put the Bluetooth on hold for a while:

If you’re used to keeping the Bluetooth turned on permanently, it wouldn’t hurt to turn it off for a while. Some Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users noticed that the audio problems stopped when they disabled this feature, so, it cannot be bad for you to try it as well!


Wipe the cache partition:

Some audio problems can also be fixed with a simple wipe of the cache partition. We are not going to detail all the required steps in here, but here’s your guide to performing a wipe cache partition on iPhone .

If none of our 4 solutions worked for you so far, you might have to boot the Apple phone into Recovery Mode. And you know what you have to do in there to reset the device and, hopefully, fix the audio not loud problem. Read these instructions to enter the iPhone into Recovery Mode and let us know if you need any kind of help once you’re in there!

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