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Can’t Receive Calls On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

As much as your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max is keeping you busy with all its apps, making and receiving calls is still a basic function. Of course, it’s only when something goes wrong with it that you actually start thinking about this aspect. But here’s the thing, it happened and you’re frustrated. You can’t receive calls on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, which is not something to overlook.


Whether the call drops from the first second or after a few minutes, there are only a few causes that we can think of:

  1. The iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus doesn’t have signal in that area;
  2. Your account status has been changed from active to who knows what else;
  3. You have accidentally enabled the Airplane Mode and every service is now blocked;
  4. There is a temporary outage in your area.


For when you can’t receive calls because of no signal on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max…

You first have to confirm and there’s no better way to do so other than checking the signal bars listed at the top of the display. If you don’t see it at all or you have only one or two tiny signal bars… It means that the iPhone is having problems receiving and sending the signal from and to the wireless tower. It could be just a small glitch, so, follow the steps on how to reboot the iPhone and see what happens next.


For when you can’t receive calls because of an account issue…

There’s no other way to confirm it than by talking directly to your wireless account representative. And don’t get mad, whether it’s T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or whatever, mistakes can happen. What matters is that you ask your wireless carrier directly if there is any problem with their system or with the status of your last payment. And if it is, have them fix it ASAP to unlock your account.


For the possibility of having the Airplane Mode active…

Don’t bother trying to find out how it happened, just access the menus and test the theory. If you find it active, turn it off and you should fix theiPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max “can’t receive calls” problem:

  1. Unlock the phone;
  2. Launch the Settings;
  3. Find the Airplane Mode icon;
  4. Change its toggle to Off, if required.


For an outage problem in the area…

Unfortunately, this will put you on hold. Do your best to confirm the situation and find out if the cellular service is out of service. It can be for maintenance or for an emergency situation. But as long as you know about it, at least you won’t stress out that you can’t receive calls on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max.

As you can see, there are quite a few possible causes and many of them don’t necessarily depend on you. What matters is that you know your options and you know where to ask for help, if required. So, it goes without saying that, at some point, you might even have to take the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max into service if these problems persist, right?

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