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Disable iPhone X/iPhone 10 Home Button Vibration

If the iPhone X/iPhone 10 can vibrate at pretty much every single action you try on it… Did you expect that the Home button won’t vibrate? As it turns out, it does and this thing even has a name: the haptic feedback. This haptic feedback actually defines every vibration triggered by a touch. You have it on the Home Screen and on the Lock Screen as well but, in today’s article, we’ll discuss the vibration associated with the Home button.

Coming up next, we will begin with the steps required for adjusting the intensity level of this vibration. And since we’re here, we’ll take advantage of this context and also show you how to control the click speed of this important button. Let’s not waste any more time.


These are the steps for controlling the Home button vibration intensity level:

  1. Head right to the Settings app, from the Home Screen;
  2. Navigate to the General tab and open up that section;
  3. Look for the Home Button entry from that list;
  4. Select it and you’ll see the 3 options: Light, Medium, Heavy;
  5. Select the desired intensity level for the Home button of your iPhone X/iPhone 10 ;
  6. Confirm with the Done button;
  7. Leave the settings.


And these are the steps for controlling the click speed intensity level:

  1. Retake the steps from above;
  2. Within the same General tab, at the same Home Button option, find the Click Speed feature;
  3. Tap on the Click Speed and you’ll see 3 other options: Default, Slow and Slowest;
  4. Again, when you have decided, hit the Done button;
  5. Return to the main screen and start testing the button.


You can always come back to the Home Screen settings section within the Settings app. You have quite a few combinations to run between the vibration intensity level and the click speed intensity. Don’t refuse this opportunity of improving the iPhone X/iPhone 10 experience even more!

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