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Does iPhone X/iPhone 10 Have Personal Hotspot?

Most of the time, your iPhone X/iPhone 10 is using the Wi-Fi to connect to a local wireless network. The router that gives your device internet access converts the 3G or the 4G signals coming from it to Wi-Fi. Now, believe it or not, the iPhone itself can act as a router and give wireless internet to other devices connected to it.

The process involves configuring the iPhone as a hotspot and turning on the personal hotspot feature. Once you do that, the iPhone X/iPhone 10 will use its mobile data plan and share it with any other device that connects to it, acting as a mobile hotspot for those devices.


Naturally, just because you activate the hotspot on your iPhone doesn’t mean that anyone can get to use your internet resources. Access will be granted by password and you have some options to prevent the unauthorized access. If you think of it, this is an amazing feature for the more complicated situations when you need an internet connection but the public Wi-Fi is not stable or secure enough…

Since you have this option and you can never tell when you’re going to need it… Let’s just say that it can never be too early to learn the essential aspects of turning the iPhone X/iPhone 10 into a mobile hotspot!


Step 1 – turn on the hotspot feature on your iPhone X/iPhone 10:

  1. Turn on the Settings app;
  2. Scroll down to the Mobile section and access it;
  3. Tap on the Personal Hotspot option;
  4. Switch the toggle of the Personal Hotspot to On;
  5. Select the option labeled as Turn On Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
  6. Select the Wi-Fi password field and type your desired password;
  7. Check the field labeled as To Connect Using Wi-Fi and keep in mind the name listed in there.


Step 2 Рchange the password of your iPhone X/iPhone 10  hotspot:

Even though you have selected a password when you have turned on the mobile hotspot features, you are advised to revise the security options. So, the first time when you will plan on using it, you should return to the Settings app at the Personal Hotspot feature. Select the Wi-Fi password option and make whatever adjustments you see fit. Not just on the password itself, but also on the security type.


Step 3 – connect a device to your iPhone X/iPhone 10 mobile hotspot:

Finally, to connect another device to your iPhone and use its mobile data plan through a wireless connection, you must activate the AirPort feature from the menu of that Apple device. Next, select the Wi-Fi hotspot and type the password set on your iPhone X/iPhone 10.

From that moment, the connection will be in place and you can start enjoying this option. As long as you still have battery and mobile data to share from the iPhone X/iPhone 10, the experience should be flawless. In the unfortunate event that none of the above seems to work on your iPhone, contact your carrier because your current play may not include the mobile hotspot feature.

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