Foldable Smartphone Could Be In The Future If Apple Wishes After New Patent

Based on a new patent that has been awarded to Apple, it seems like in the future Apple could make a foldable phone if it likes. The patent was first filed back a while back in September 22, 2016. It’s been reported that Samsung has already been working on a foldable smartphone that could come to market sometime in 2018, but that is still unknown at this time.

Apple’s new technology is U.S. Patent No. 8,929,085 “Flexible electronic devices” and is explained as a portable device is able to folded, bent or flexed in any way that won’t have any impact on the internals of the device. Based on the pictures, it seems like it would allow for a full edge to edge screen that could wrap around the edges of the device. They could use this patent by creating a bend in the middle of the device that will allow for it to be foldable. Below is a picture of the patent.


Photo Credit: US Patent and Trademark Office


Future Of The Apple iPhone

It’s unknown how Apple plans to use this new technology with upcoming devices. But there could be numerous possibilities. One idea is that Apple would be able to use the foldable patent in creating a laptop like device that is full touchscreen. Another suggestion has been said to have Apple make a display that can be folded backwards to create something like a notepad. This patent could also be a way to hide future buttons or extra hardware features that Apple might want to add on to an iPhone in the future.

It’s safe to say that Apple is several years from releasing a portable device that looks like the image in the patent above. But with the first iPhone being released 10 years ago, it’s hard to image what a device could look like 5-8 years in the future. With the cash Apple has on hand and it’s great research and development, anything could be possible with a combination of different patents that Apple has in its armory.

What are your thoughts about this Apple patent and how would you like Apple to incorporate this into future Apple products in the future?

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