Forgot Pin Password On iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus (Solution)

Usually, the action of erasing an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 is performed when the device was lost or stolen. Its purpose is to make sure that no malicious person will get their hands on it and steal your personal information. By doing so, you are deleting its entire content, just as if you were performing a hard factory reset. Obviously, this shouldn’t be a problem when you already have a backup in place.

The entire above means that, even when you have forgotten the pin password to the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, you can follow the same steps for erasing the device and regain access to it. Whether you have or you haven’t backed up your data before, that’s another story. But anyway, rest assured, we have some options to introduce to you, for just about any situation.


The quick method of handling a forgotten password on iPhone 8…

Learn how to factory reset the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and you can forget about reading the rest of the article. Especially if you have a copy of your documents ready to be restored afterward, follow these steps and start reconfiguring the device. Now, if you want a gentler option, as promised, we have some more.

Coming up next, we will introduce you to three other ways of erasing an iPhone 8 – with the iTunes, with the iCloud, and with the Recovery Mode booting sequence. Let’s go through each of them individually and see what you think about it.


How to erase an iPhone with iTunes

Since the iTunes can be accessed from a computer, by simply connecting the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to it, you must first make sure you have a backup and you make a final sync:

  1. Use the connection cable to plug the iPhone into the computer;
  2. Launch iTunes and, if you are required to do so, use the passcode;
  3. Wait for the automatic sync to be performed;
  4. And create a backup.


To actually erase the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus…

  1. Use the Restore [Device] option;
  2. Wait for the Set Up Screen to load on the iPhone;
  3. Select the option Restore from iTunes backup;
  4. Select your specific iPhone 8 in the iTunes app;
  5. Select the specific backup that you want to use (choose by date and size);
  6. Wait for it to finish.


How to erase an iPhone with iCloud

Just like the iTunes can be accessed from a computer, so does the iCloud. You ‘ll have to use a PC with an internet connection and, within its web browser, find the page. In there, you might be required to use your Apple ID and, after that, you can set things straight.


To actually erase the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus…

  1. From within the iCloud page, look at the top of the browser and hit All Devices;
  2. Select the one you wish to erase, your iPhone, and select the option Erase [Device];
  3. This action will erase not only the device, but also the passcode that you have forgotten.


When you’re done with this stage, do not forget to restore the backup so that you won’t remain without your important data. You will have two options, labeled as Set Up As New and Restore From A Backup. Just keep in mind that, for the iCloud method to work, the iPhone must still be connected to a Wi-Fi or even a cellular network.


How to erase an iPhone from Recovery Mode

This method will replace any situation where you haven’t backed up your data – not with the iTunes, not with the iCloud. Think of it as the last resort if you want, the truth is that you still have a chance and it goes back to the iTunes. So, turn on the PC and hook up your iPhone 8 to launch the iTunes app.

Next, you will have to force restart the device: press & hold the Sleep and the Home buttons, 10 seconds at least, until you make the Apple logo to show up and, after that, you enter the Recovery Mode.


In there, you will once again get to use one of the two options – Restore, respectively Update. Before you rule out the option of saving your data, try the Update. This will imply that iTunes will scan for a new iOS software, download it and install it without erasing your information.

And that’s how you handle the situations when you have forgotten the pin password on the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Hope you’ll enjoy and use our solutions!

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