Germany, Canada, UK, France & Australia Get New Apple Maps Lane Guidance Update

Those living in Germany, Canada, UK, France or Australia and use Apple Maps have some great news now that Lane guidance as been update to Apple Maps for iOS 11.

What Lane Guidance does is that it’ll let you know exactly which lane you should be in so you never miss an exit or turn while driving. In addition a great feature that is available in Lane Guidance is that you’ll be notified the number of lanes on the road and then will highlight which one you should be in. In addition, Siri is available to give you audio guidance and let you know which lane you should be in so you don’t have to always be looking at your screen while you’re driving on the road.

Prior to the addition of these 5 countries, Apple had Lane Guidance for Apple Maps only available in the United States and China according to Apple’s iOS Feature Availability page.

You’ll be able to use Lane Guidance within Apple Maps when using your iPad, iPhone and with CarPlay in your automobile.


Speed Limits

Some other great features recently added to Apple Maps is that it will let you know exactly what the speed limit is in the area that you’re driving and display that information to you. It’s important to note that currently Speed Limits within Apple Maps is only available for those driving in the United States and United Kingdom.

This feature is great for those driving in unfamiliar areas and want to avoid a speed ticket from going over the speed limit. A warning will notify you when you’re exceeding the local speed limit, thus allowing you to get back under the speed limit of that area.

Many are hoping that Apple rolls out these features to more countries than the current seven. It shouldn’t be long before more countries get these features allowing them to have just as good as an experience with all the wonderful features of Apple Maps.


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