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How Do You Make Folders On iPhone X/iPhone 10

Folders on iPhone X/iPhone 10 are like boxes in your day to day life. Boxes are good because they help you keep related things together. It also makes you a bit more organized. And it helps you know where to get your things from when you need it the most. Of course, if you are not very tidy in general, your smartphone won’t be too organized either. So, you might not even think about this option, until it really strikes you.

We’re here to prevent that from happening… Now that we have reminded you the importance of keeping things – or apps and widgets, in this particular case – together, let us introduce you to your options.


iPhone X/iPhone 10 tips – how to create folders:

For this purpose, you have two options. They both start from the Home Screen of the device and the difference is really not that big either. In one case, you pick your first two apps and join them in a folder where you can later move other apps as well. In the other case, you pick just one app and use a specific option to create a new folder and instantly place that app inside of it. After that, you will, again, have the option to bring in more icons.

To be more specific, whenever you want to create a folder, you must select a first app that will be contained by it. You long press that app and you drag it either:

  1. Towards another app – method #1, when you release it on top of that other icon, and a folder will show up instead of it;
  2. Towards the top of the screen, at the New Folder option – method #2, when you release it on top of that menu, and a folder will be created instantly.


In both situations, you will be asked to type a name for your folder and personalize it a little bit. After that, you can keep bringing new icons within that folder of the iPhone X/iPhone 10 Home Screen. Just note that you can use the same methods to create new folders within already existing folders!

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