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How Do You Mute Volume On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max?

The Mute volume option on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max was meant to give you more flexibility. Just because you barely let the smartphone out of your hands doesn’t mean that there won’t be moments when you will feel the need to avoid any interruptions. At work, at school, in a meeting, or simply when you’re trying to get some rest, it’s your right to set up the terms.

By terms, we mean that you have more than the Mute option. You can also try the silent and the vibrate features as permanent interruptions of any kind of audio notification. Or you can decide to activate the motions and gesture controls. With the latter, you will keep the iPhone on the loud ring mode, which means that it will give you sound alerts, but you will be able to interrupt it with one gesture.


Today, however, we would like to talk to you about the most popular option for stopping any kind of distraction – muting the volume. If you too want to mute the volume iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, remember that you have a volume control key sitting right on the left side of your iPhone’s case.

The only thing you must do is to hold it down until it will activate the silent mode. If you want a better option, you can also go to the Sound settings (Settings >> Sounds) and make specific edits for all the types of sound settings listed in there – calls, text messages, emails, and so on.


Other than that, there is really not much to say about the classic options on how to mute volume iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

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