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How To Activate Text Message Forwarding On iPhone X/iPhone 10

You’re here because you want to learn how to forward your text messages from an iPhone X/iPhone 10to other devices. You’ve probably had enough with the Bluetooth transfer and you’re looking for something that works faster or smoother and, preferably, that doesn’t force you to share the same Wi-Fi network with the device you’re trying to forward to.


To give you the answer you’ve been looking for, yes, you can activate text message forwarding. All you need is the Apple ID and FaceTime configured on the devices you’re planning to use for this kind of communication. That, plus an email address linked to the iMessage service. If it doesn’t seem as simple as you thought, let us show you the steps and prove you have nothing to worry about!


Want to activate the Text Message Forwarding on the iPhone X/iPhone 10?

  1. Start with your Settings app, specifically, at the Messages tab;
  2. Find the Send and Receive field and, underneath it, you should identify an option that says Use Your Apple ID for iMessage;
  3. Tap on it and type your Apple ID and password;
  4. Select or type an email address you wish to be associated with your Apple ID when using the iMessage;
  5. Use the Next button and you will return to the iMessage settings, where you must open up the Text Message Forwarding option;
  6. At this point, the Messages on Mac or iPad will have to start automatically, generating your one-time verification code;
  7. Use the code that you’re getting on the iPhone X/iPhone 10and repeat these steps on all the other devices you wish to take your forwarded messages to.


So, the process above described must be handled on the iPhone X/iPhone 10, from where you want to forward messages, but also on all the other devices that should communicate with it for this purpose. After that, you can forget about transferring data via a Bluetooth connection or a common Wi-Fi network. You’ve just cut off the “middleman”!

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