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How To Add Ringtones On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

Have you checked all the other pre-installed ringtones currently available on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max? Still not happy with the music you have at hand? How would you like to customize ringtones from your favorite songs and associate them to some of the most special persons in your agenda? You can even change the incoming text message notifications and the alarm ringtone! Let us show you how to prepare any song and turn it into a ringtone and you’re free to personalize the iPhone right after that!


To add custom ringtones to iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max devices…

You have to do it for each contact – sure, you can set up a custom song as ringtone on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max for all the calls from all the persons, but that’s not what we are trying to show you in this tutorial.

Next, you have to edit each song before you associate it as a ringtone to a particular contact. You’ll have to work on its size, to select a sequence of only 30 seconds from that song, and to make it an AAC file.

And when you think you’re done and the song was turned into a fine ringtone, you still have to associate it with a contact. Then, start all over again, as suggested above, to come up with new custom ringtones for the other contacts. Nevertheless, it’s going to be fun!


The exact steps for setting up a new ringtone on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Go to iTunes and update it;
  2. Select your song and use the right-click / ctrl-click command on it;
  3. Select Get Info and decide where you want it to start and where it should stop;
  4. Select it once again with right-click / ctrl-click to access the Create AAC Version option;
  5. Copy the AAC version and delete the old one;
  6. Modify the .m4a extension and turn it into .m4r;
  7. Add this finalized file to iTunes and run a sync with the iPhone;
  8. To set this new ringtone, go to Sounds, under the Settings general menu, tap on Ringtone, and select it from the list with available ringtones.


Go on, try the entire above and let us know how it went for you. If you have any other inquiries on the topic of how to add ringtones on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, don’t hesitate to share it with us!

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