How To Adjust Screen Timeout On iPhone X/iPhone 10

Some Apple users prefer to tweak the screen timeout on the iPhone X/iPhone 10 or iPhone X/iPhone 10 plus to keep the battery on a decent level. Others, however, are simply annoyed by the fact that the screen turns off right when they were in the middle of something captivating – they weren’t touching the screen but they were looking at it and it suddenly shut down. So, if you want to prevent this from happening, do the following…


Screen timeout on iPhone X/iPhone 10 – how to change it:

  1. Unlock the screen of your iPhone;
  2. Turn on the Settings app;
  3. Go to the General tab;
  4. Go to the Auto-Lock option;
  5. From the list of timeout options, select whatever you prefer.


By doing so, you have changed the timeframe required for the display of your iPhone to turn off. Of course, it doesn’t just simply turn off while you’re using the iPhone X/iPhone 10. Sometimes when you have the screen timeout turned off it can use lots of battery and if you don’t have an iPhone charger, you can use this Micro USB to Lightning adapter for iPhone to help fix your problem. If you are using it, running apps on it, touching the display and so on, it will obviously not turn off. But if you let it sit, without doing anything on it, the screen timeout will come into play and shut the screen off, to prevent using the battery. So, use it wisely!

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