How To Backup iPhone X/iPhone 10 To iCloud

In this world of troubleshooting iPhone X/iPhone 10, backing things up is crucial. It wasn’t just once when we’ve encountered Apple users who lost access to their devices and who also lost all the data because they had no backup in place. The reason why would like to show you how to back up your iPhone to iCloud is that this service can help you when you expect less.

Moreover, it is flexible enough to let you handle it manually or automatically. And if you do choose the second option, once you enable it, you can stop worrying about having your data unprotected. So, let us use our time together wisely and show you the two main options that you have at your disposal. Forget the third-party apps and services, try the iCloud and you won’t regret it!


To do a manual backup to iCloud of the iPhone X/iPhone 10…

  1. Open the Settings;
  2. Go to the special iCloud section listed in there;
  3. Tap on the dedicated Backup option;
  4. Use the Back Up Now feature.


To do automatic backups to iCloud of the iPhone X/iPhone 10…

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Go to the same iCloud section and select the Backup option;
  3. Look for the iCloud Backup dedicated switch;
  4. Change its toggle from Off to On;
  5. Confirm that you want to back up to a computer, with the OK button.


We already suggested this to you, yet we cannot help but underline the importance of an automatic backup. If you’ve read this article and you’re telling yourself that it’s OK, you’re going to do a manual backup to iCloud when necessary, think again! A time will come when you might discover that you forgot the password, you’ve lost it, or the device is unresponsive. Better to already have a backup of your iPhone X/iPhone 10in place than to lose everything you had on the device!

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