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How To Block Calls On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

Whether you have this principle of not taking calls from those who hide their number or you have a history of unsolicited calls, it can all stop right now. Use the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max to block calls and gain control on who and when gets to call you.

We’re not just talking about telemarketers who call with hidden numbers, but also about friends, relatives, and acquaintances you don’t want to hear from.


The main options for blocking calls on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max:

  1. If you know a specific phone number or a contact that you wish to block, start from there, from your Contacts app;
  2. Select the Settings icon;
  3. Tap on Phone;
  4. Go to Blocked;
  5. Use the Add New option;
  6. Once the All Contacts window extended on the screen, browse for that name;
  7. Select it and you’ll instantly add it to the list of contacts that can no longer call you!



  1. If you’re looking for a more general option to block calls on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, simply activate the Do Not Disturb mode from the Settings app;
  2. Coming up next, you will want to set up some permissions and let the phone know if there’s anyone who should still be able to call you.


After you configure the Do Not Disturb options, you can be sure that you have blocked some calls on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max and you have unblocked some other calls, the ones that really matter to you. Just don’t forget that this mode will stay active until you manually turn it back off!

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