How To Block Your Number On iPhone X/iPhone 10

These days, smartphones are equally used for practical things and for entertainment. Getting to block your number on iPhone X/iPhone 10 can obviously fall into any of those two categories. While most people enjoy hiding their numbers during a call for amusement only, as they are trying to play a prank on someone, there are also instances when you really need to do that…

Like when you make an important call and you don’t want that other person to know your number and blacklist it. Or when you are letting someone else make a call from your iPhone but you don’t want the called person to end up having your contact details and call you back later, and in other various instances. Since you are the one to come up with the reasons, we will provide the instructions on getting what you are really after.


iPhone X/iPhone 10 & tips & tricks – block your number

  1. Unlock the device;
  2. Navigate to the Settings app and launch it;
  3. Browse for the settings of the Phone app;
  4. Identify the entry “Show My Caller ID” and select it;
  5. Switch its toggle to On and leave the settings.


By taking the 5 steps as listed above, the iPhone X/iPhone 10 will keep its number hidden when making calls. The people you will be calling from your iPhone will see nothing more than a “Blocked” or, perhaps, “Unknown” message on their phone’s display. Whether they will choose to answer your call or not, it’s up to them. But you should remember that once you’ve blocked the number on iPhone, it will stay blocked up until you will reactivate the Show My Caller ID option.

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