How To Calibrate Compass On iOS 12 Devices

The Apple devices come with a cool feature known as Magnetometer and commonly referred to as the compass. The Apple device users running on iOS in their devices can play with this feature so long as they know it exists. Do you know about the compass feature on your Apple device?

If you know about it and have tried to use it, on launching it you might have been disappointed trying to know the requirements to make use of this feature. There is likelihood that you skipped the calibration bit.

Note that unless you take your time to standardize the compass, you might not find it useful. Therefore, before you consider running the Apple Store app to search for a better application; why not check out this tutorial on how to calibrate the apple Compass.


Calibration of the Apple Compass on Devices running iOS 12 

With the compass active again, start using it on your phone or iPad on iOS 12 without running into issues.


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