How To Calibrate Compass On iPhone X/iPhone 10

We can understand that it takes time to get to know an iPhone X/iPhone 10 in detail. That’s why we can only assume you didn’t have the time, so far, to discover that your new iPhone comes with a built-in compass app. But you will need to use the compass at some point and, hopefully, now that you know it’s already there, you’ll spare the device from getting a new, third-party app.

We agreed you don’t need a third-party compass before you try the built-in compass, so, let us show you how to get to it and test it. More importantly, let us remind you that, before you can rely on its results, you must calibrate the compass.


Here’s how to calibrate the iPhone X/iPhone 10 compass app:

  1. Turn the screen on;
  2. Launch the Settings;
  3. Open the Privacy tab;
  4. Find the Location Services;
  5. Find the Compass entry;
  6. Tap on it, one time, to disable it;
  7. Tap on it, once again, to enable it.


Long story short, this Off/On switch is the actual calibrating process. You do it once and you can be sure that the iPhone X/iPhone 10 ‘ compass app will work as it should. Just for fun, you could try a third-party app and compare their results, but that would mean to load the iPhone without being absolutely necessary, right?

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