How To Change Font Size On iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

You don’t just wake up one day and tell yourself – Today, I want to change the font size on my iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus -, do you? More often than not, you have some reasons and you’ve been thinking about it for some time. Whether it is for a change of looks or to see better and feel better while using it, reasons will vary but the solution stays the same.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users now have the option to make font adjustments on literally any app that can handle Dynamic Type. So, let’s just forget for a while that you want to use only a special font size, that the current font size is inappropriate for you, or that you’re dealing with some kind of visual issues.


Here’s how to change the font size on iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8:

  1. Go to Settings, Display & Brightness;
  2. Look for the two text editing options listed in there – Text Size and Bold Text;
  3. Since you want to change the font size, select the first option;
  4. Drag the slider next to it for operating the changes (right for a bigger font and left for a smaller font);
  5. Then, you can also use the Bold Text option if you want, but expect to get a notification that the iPhone or iPad has to restart for the changes to take place.


When the device turns back on, get ready to see your settings in action!


Here’s how to change the font size into Dynamic Type on iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8:

  1. Return to Settings;
  2. This time, follow the path of General >> Accessibility >> Larger Text;
  3. Select Larger Accessibility Sizes;
  4. Use the slider available in there to make your preferred adjustments.


Now that you know how to change the font size on your iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 8 from the regular settings and from Dynamic Type, you’re ready to experience it all. The second option will certainly bring you the utmost advantages, but don’t forget that not all the apps support Dynamic Type. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from taking the steps and seeing how it feels to change your texts into Dynamic Type. Where it’s possible, it’s possible and you certainly won’t feel sorry about it!

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