How To Change Font Size On iPhone X/iPhone 10

Font size is one of the features that not many iPhone X/iPhone 10users take into account. Yet more often than not, those who consider making such adjustments are not doing it for fun or just to see how it goes. Some people may suffer from impaired vision and being able to change the size of their phone’s fonts would significantly improve their experience.

If you too have this particular need, you’ll be happy to discover in our guide from below two different options. The general font size adjustments are always an option but do not ignore the Dynamic Type either! On any app that supports Dynamic Type, you can use the steps suggested in the final section of this article and you should love the results.


General steps on how to change font size on iPhone X/iPhone 10:

  1. Open the Settings app from its icon located on the Home Screen of the iPhone X/iPhone 10;
  2. Navigate to the section labeled as Display & Brightness;
  3. Identify the text editing features available in that section – Text Size and Bold Text;
  4. Select the Text Size option;
  5. You’ll notice it has a dedicated slider next to it – drag it to adjust the font size, right or left, for a larger or a smaller font;
  6. Before you leave the settings, you can also activate the Bold Text feature, with the mention that the iPhone will notify you it has to restart for this change to take effect.


How to change font size into Dynamic Type on iPhone X/iPhone 10:

  1. This change will be performed within the same Settings app;
  2. Go to the General tab after you’ve opened the Settings;
  3. Select the Accessibility tab;
  4. Select the Larger Text feature listed in there;
  5. Use its slider to make the adjustments.


No matter what option you choose, changes should apply as soon as you’ve left the Settings app or, if required, as soon as the device restarted. Just so you know, in case you’re anxious to see the Dynamic Type font size adjustments into action, not all of your iPhone X/iPhone 10apps will support it. But it’s ok, you can change the font size and see where the dynamic type comes into play and where it doesn’t. Until then, explore with all of your options!

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