How To Change Fonts Style On iPhone And iPad In iOS 12

The Apple devices give users many different features that they can personalize. Among these features, the one that you might have thought about when it comes to personalization is font size and style of fonts. In this tutorial, we cover the basics on display size for the font you are using and also how to ensure your device is personalized by downloading a 3rd party font style from the Apple Applications Store.

Simple procedures will let you change the iPhone fonts or the iPad fonts for Apple iOS devices. This is through a feature referred to as Text Size. The feature can be found in the settings section and this is by following these steps.


How To Change Fonts Style On iPhone And iPad In iOS 12

  1. Ensure you have the Apple device screen unlocked
  2. Open the Settings Application
  3. Lookout for the Display and brightness section
  4. Open the Text Size
  5. There is a slider that you can take to the right or to the left. This increases or decreases font size
  6. View the phone screen top and you will have the ability to check out and preview the changes made.
  7. Leave the menus once you have settled on a certain size.


In case you need to complete the font adjustment, yank the insignia and also the font styles on your iOS 12 Apple device. Open the Apple Apps Store and search using “fonts” as the keyword.

By so doing, you will be able to find available fonts that are ready for downloading. Some of the available fonts are free of charge while others are paid fonts. Pick your most suitable font and click on download.

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