How To Change Fonts Style On iPhone X/iPhone 10

Most of our readers don’t just ask “How can I change the fonts style on my iPhone X/iPhone 10 ?“. They usually start by describing a problem and they conclude that they would like to try X or Y. Then, they ask if it’s going to work or what else they need to know about it.

So, when you come here looking for the instructions on how to change the iPhone X/iPhone 10 fonts style, we know what you have in mind. Maybe you want a font that is more legible. Or maybe you are bored and want to make a beautiful visual change without a huge impact on the overall functionality.

Whatever it is, we totally understand you. So, let’s not waste any more time. We’re happy to help, as always!


The 4 easy steps to changing font styles on iPhone X/iPhone 10 are:

  1. Unlock the smartphone;
  2. Go to the menu with Display and Brightness settings;
  3. Locate and tap on the Text Size option available in there;
  4. Adjust the font size from the slider next to it.


Now that you’ve seen the instructions with your own eyes, you can’t argue with it. Changing fonts on the iPhone X/iPhone 10 is very easy but also quite versatile. Along with the font size option that we just introduced you to, other settings are also worthy of your consideration. Don’t leave the settings yet. Use the option to download new fonts from the Apple App Store. Install a few of them and change them as you see fit. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore all the iPhone X/iPhone 10 font style choices!

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