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How To Change Text Style On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

The text style might look like a minor thing. But if you ever happen to make such a change on an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, you might be pleasantly surprised. Some Apple users are particularly excited about the option of adding a personal touch through third-party text styles. If you want something that cannot be found on any iPhone out there, you can find it on the App Store. Before you get to it, however, let us show you what tweaks you have at hand with the pre-defined options.

Coming up next, we will explain to you what menu to access and what to do in there. Do not worry, there’s a special preview section where you can see the changes in real time, without having to officially change that style. Are you ready to learn how to change text style on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max?


Take these 5 steps to a completely new text style for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Unlock the iPhone;
  2. Launch the Settings menu;
  3. Open the Display & Brightness section;
  4. Select Text Size;
  5. Drag the slider available in there while looking at the preview font size and deciding where you want to stop.


As an extra tip, if you want more options on how to change the text style of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, you can search the App Store for new “Fonts”. Just type this word and run a search, see what you get and download a couple of extra options.

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