How To Clear History On iPhone X/iPhone 10

If you have an iPhone X/iPhone 10 or an and you use it for online navigation, you might want to clear its history, at some point. Users want to do it either as a habit of constantly removing unnecessary data or because they need to hide some of their online searches. As we are going to show you, deleting history is possible in all web browsers but not all of them come with flexible options. For instance, Safari users have one, take it or leave it option. Google Chrome users, on the other hand, get to remove individual data, leaving some entries and getting rid of others. That’s why, coming up next, we’ll split our guide into two different sections:


How to clear history on iPhone X/iPhone 10 for Safari users

  1. Go to the Home Screen of the iPhone X/iPhone 10;
  2. Launch the Settings app;
  3. Browse through the main page until you find and select the icon of the Safari web browser;
  4. Once that section extended, look for the Clear History & Website Data option;
  5. Select that entry and look for the button that allows you to confirm and initiate the process;
  6. After tapping the Cleary History & Website Data button, wait until the entire navigational history is deleted from your smartphone.


How to clear history on iPhone X/iPhone 10 for Chrome users

  1. Start from the same Home Screen of your iPhone X/iPhone 10;
  2. Launch the Google Chrome browsing app;
  3. Head to the upper right corner and select the 3-dot icon that extends the menu of the web browser;
  4. Once the drop-down menu extends on the display, select the History option;
  5. Next, locate and select the Clear Browsing Data option;
  6. This action will open up a new list of other options, each one with their dedicated boxes that you must tick for removing their data;
  7. Go through all those types of browsing data, make your preferred selections, and confirm the action.


At this point, whether you are a fan of the built-in Safari web browser or an adventurous user who enjoys trying new web browsers… You should know how to clear the navigational history on the iPhone X/iPhone 10. And if you’ve connected the dots, our guide also showed you why, sometimes, it’s better to use something different than the Safari…

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