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How To Connect Apple iPhone X And iPhone 10 To TV

How would you like to combine the functionality of your iPhone X or iPhone 10 with the great, wide screen of a TV? If you think that working on the iPhone while watching the TV is an SF scenario, think again. Better yet, stop thinking about it and start reading our tutorial.

It’s not just possible, but also quite versatile if you consider the fact that you can choose between a wired and a wireless connection. So yes, there’s more than one way to get to it. And today, you are going to meet the first option.


Make the inventory:

  1. You need an iPhone X or iPhone 10;
  2. An Apple TV:
  3. A HDMI cable.


Get to work:

  1. Connect the Apple TV and the iPhone to the local wireless network;
  2. Go to your iPhone and navigate through its settings until you activate the AirPlay;
  3. Then, open the app where you have a video that you want to watch on the TV and select that video;
  4. Swipe the Control Center from the bottom of the display;
  5. Hit the AirPlay icon;
  6. Choose the Apple TV when prompted;
  7. Leave the Control Center;
  8. Play your selected video and enjoy it on the TV screen.


It’s super simple and you have no excuse for not putting this into practice right away. Borrow a HDMI cable first, if you don’t have one around the house. See how it feels to set up a wireless connection between the Apple iPhone X or iPhone 10 and the Apple TV. If you’re interested in the wired connection as well, give us a sign, though, we have a feeling you’re going to stick with the wireless.

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