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How To Create A Hotspot On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

The hotspot feature is one of the coolest internet-related options that an iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max would offer you. As long as you have a mobile data plan that covers your needs with ease, a time will come when you will want to use it in a different way. Maybe you’re away from home and you don’t have a Wi-Fi to connect to. Just as well, maybe you have a Wi-Fi but you don’t trust using it. You could also be at home and have temporary problems with your wireless internet connection.

Regardless of the context, if you have mobile data on the iPhone, you can use it from any other device. You’ll have to create a Hotspot, then you’ll have to activate it, and, finally, you will have to use the second device to connect to iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max mobile hotspot.


First, you must create that Hotspot on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Unlock your smartphone;
  2. While you’re at the Home screen, select the Settings app;
  3. Once inside, navigate to the Cellular option;
  4. Tap on the Personal Hotspot entry;
  5. Simply switch its dedicated toggle from Off to On.


Second, you might want to set up a Hotspot password iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Get back to the Settings app;
  2. Select the Personal Hotspot option once again;
  3. This time, select the Password entry;
  4. Type your desired new password and that’s it.


Finally, if you want to change iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max Hotspot’s name…

  1. Go to the Settings menu one more time;
  2. Stop at the About section;
  3. Tap on the Name entry;
  4. Type in the new name that you wish to be associated with your Hotspot and leave the settings.


Before we wrap up this short tutorial on how to set up the mobile hotspot feature on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max… We have to make one last thing clear. Just because you own an iPhone it doesn’t mean that you will have access to this option by default. In fact, it’s your data plan the one that will make the option accessible or not. So, in case that, for the time being, you can’t get it, don’t freak out. Simply get in touch with your wireless carrier to discuss your options. The provider should be ready to suggest you a compatible data plan in no time!

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