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How To Create Folders On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

Even the messiest iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max users will, eventually, feel the need for a cleanup. When too many apps and widgets crumble to the Home Screen, the best way to deal with it is to create folders. Deciding how exactly you should organize your apps to find them easy and to keep as little folders and icons on the screen as possible is your task. Until you decide, we are going to show you the two main options to create folders on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.


2 options to create folders on iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs:

  1. The first method, also considered by many to be the fastest, is to create a folder automatically, starting from two different apps. The iOS will know that, whenever you select an app and you move it on top of another app from the Home Screen, it must create a folder. And it does so by default, your only task being the one of naming this folder. After this initial part, dragging new app or widget icons in that folder will be piece of cake.
  2. The second method we’d like to suggest you on how to create folders on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus involves the New Folder option. When you are on the Home Screen and you make a selection of any app, if you hold it and drag it towards the top of the screen, you’ll get to see this New Folder. So, all you have to do is to release your app right on top of it, to actually move your app to a new folder. Once you do that, you can edit the name of the folder and confirm the action from the Done button, on your keyboard. From this point, there’s no limit to how many other apps you can drag and drop into this newly created folder, along with the initial icon that you brought there.


That’s all the theory you need on how to create folders on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. If it’s the first time you read it – and you didn’t just need a reminder – you’d better start testing these options. Practice will help you make the best of this awesome iPhone.

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