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How To Delete Google History On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

It’s great that you can find all the information you need, fast and easy, straight from your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. But it’s not that great that everything you search for, online, will be stored in the browser’s navigation history. We bet you can think of a couple different reasons why this isn’t necessarily something you want.

So, if you are curious on how to delete the search history and browsing details from the settings of your internet app, we have some answers for you on how to delete history on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.


Special Google Chrome instructions – to delete the internet history on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max…

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser;
  2. Look for the three-dot icon that launches the menu and tap on it;
  3. Select the History option;
  4. Select Clear Browsing Data, that button from the bottom of the display;
  5. Browse through the options listed in there and decide what kind of data you want to remove;
  6. Tick the boxes and use the Delete option.


Just in case you were wondering why we had to create a separate section for the Chrome app, it’s simple. Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers out there. And if you haven’t used it so far, this special option that allows you to delete selectively will probably tempt you. When you don’t erase the entire history, in the event that someone will, indeed, check up on you, that person won’t be able to tell that you’ve been hiding some tracks because a lot of other plain, regular information will still be there.


General instructions on how to delete browser history on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max:

  1. Unlock your iPhone and go directly to its Settings;
  2. In there, browse and tap the default Safari browser;
  3. Look for the Clear History & Website Data entry;
  4. Tap on it to activate this option;
  5. Wait a few seconds for the action to perform and leave the settings.


And that’s all, for now. Go on and test this thing of deleting internet history on iPhone Xs Max or iPhone Xs!

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