How To Download Music On iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

If you want to set up a special song as a ringtone for one of your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus contacts, you must have it on the device first. This is a 2-stage process where you first get to download the actual music (and make a few tweaks to prepare it for the final goal) and then you have to actually set it as a custom ringtone for that particular contact. Want to know how it’s done?


Here are the instructions for downloading music on your iPhone 8

  1. It starts from the iTunes app – launch it and run a software update;
  2. With the latest version in place, browse for your favorite song and select it – remember the 30 seconds rule, you won’t get to hear more than that on any ringtone!
  3. Prepare yourself to edit the song by setting up a start and an end time (with ctrl-click or right-click on its title and the Get Info menu);
  4. Don’t forget to turn it into an AAC version, if you’re planning to set it as a ringtone (with ctrl-click or right-click on the song and the Create AAC Version menu);
  5. Copy the new file;
  6. Delete the old file;
  7. Change the extension (you should have .m4r instead of .m4a);
  8. And add this file with a new extension to iTunes.


Here are the instructions for changing the ringtone on iPhone 8

  1. After you have prepared your song, you must sync the iPhone device with the iTunes;
  2. To set the ringtone, head to the Settings app;
  3. Select Sounds;
  4. And then, select Ringtone;
  5. Your newly created song should be available on that list, so, just tap it and save the settings.


What you just saw are the instructions required for changing the ringtone of ONE particular contact. For everyone else, you still have the standard, default ringtone in place. To customize other contacts’ tunes, just repeat the process. If you really want to be able to tell who’s calling while judging by the custom iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus ringtone, you have to do it!

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