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How To Download Music On iPhone X And iPhone 10

Special people deserve some special ringtones when calling you on your iPhone X or iPhone 10, don’t you think so? Now, of course that this word, “special”, has different meanings from one person to another. That’s why your iPhone comes with a default ringtone but is giving you the freedom to experience more in this direction.

You can change the default ringtone for all your contacts at once and you can also take the contacts one by one and set them different ringtones, where you see fit. The ones that you don’t edit will remain with the default selection while the others will be easily adjusted.


Here’s how to download and prep your music for the iPhone X or iPhone 10 ringtones:

  1. Launch the iTunes app and, if required, run an update to have the latest available version;
  2. Then, you can browse for and select the song you wish to download and edit, for later use as a custom ringtone;
  3. If you just use the Right-Click or the Ctrl+Click command, you will access a menu with different options, where you should be looking for two essential things:
    • Get Info;
    • Create AAC Version;
  4. Select the first one to set the start and stop of your 30-seconds custom ringtone;
  5. Select the second one to create an AAC version that will have to replace the initial file (feel free to delete that one once you’ve copied the new file);
  6. Then, you only have to change the song’s extension into .m4r (instead of the initial .m4a) and add it to iTunes.


Once you do all that, you can be sure that you have a valid, ready-to-use personalized song. How do you set it as your new ringtone, you wonder?

Again, it’s super easy. When the preparations are done, you must sync the iPhone with the iTunes app. Then, you can access the phone’s settings and select the Ringtone option from under the Sounds menu. The file created by you will be ready for selection on that list.

So, you did it, but you’re not quite done yet. If you want to have custom ringtones on the iPhone X or iPhone 10 for different contacts, you’d better start repeating these steps!

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