How To Exit Group Text On iPhone And iPad In iOS 10

If you own an iPhone or iPad operating on iOS 10, it’s a good idea to know how to exit group text. The group text feature is a wonderful way to keep in contact with multiple friends at the same time. But not everyone likes being added to group text, especially when there’s a conversation going on that doesn’t relate to them. For those people, below we’ll explain how to exit group chat in iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad users.

It’s possible to leave group texts two different ways, the first is to just mute the group text and the other is to completely exit group text and never hear from them again. Either way, both methods will be explained below.


Exit a Group Text in Messages on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10 

If you want to exit group text and never be part of it again, then this method is for you. It’s important to note once you leave a group chat, you can’t add your self back in the future. The way to exit group text is to go into that group message in iOS 10 and tap on “Details” that can be see in the upper corner of your screen. Once you tap on that, you’ll see a list of people in the group text, browse and select on the button that says “Leave this Conversation”. When tap on this, you’ll exit group text in iOS 10 and never be part of it again.

It should be noted that this method will only work if the entire group is using iMessage. If the group text has both iMessage and SMS users, then the Leave this Conversation button being grayed out and may not be showing.


Mute a Group Chat in Messages with Do Not Disturb

Another option would be to Mute group chat in iOS 10. This method won’t force you to permanently leave the group text, but just not notify you of messages going on. You can mute the group text by turning on “Do Not Disturb.” This can be done by going to the group message and tap on Details). Next browse for the option that says Do Not Disturb. Tap on this button to turn it on and you won’t get notifications from that group chat messages anymore. The good thing is that “Do Not Disturb” works with all types of users in the group text including both iOS and Android users.  

After you follow the steps above, you’ll learn how to exit group text in iOS 10 for your iPhone or iPad two different ways. The first to completely leave group chat and the other is to just mute group chat for a short period of time.

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