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How To Factory Reset iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max

The factory reset of an Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max is one of those things that many people need but all of them would fear of. Nobody will happily consent to follow the steps of how to hard reset an iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus, unless it is a serious problem that needs a fast solution.


Otherwise, it takes time, patience and the inspiration of backing things up before proceeding with this action that will literally delete everything! Whether you want to factory reset your iPhone from the menus or using the hard keys, you should first:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Select the General tab;
  3. Select the Storage and iCloud option;
  4. Access the Manage Storage section;
  5. Tap on Backup.


Just pay attention to the other files that won’t be included in this automatic backup! If necessary, use a third-party backup service or app, just to be sure that you’re not leaving anything behind.

Before we move on to the actual instructions, we should mention that there will be instances when the display will be unresponsive. If that’s the case, you obviously don’t get to choose which reset option you will put into practice – when the screen can’t be used, the menus are not an option and creating the backup will probably not be either!


To factory reset an Apple iPhone 8, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max from the hardware keys…

  1. Tap the Lock/Wake hard key and hold it;
  2. At the same time, tap the Volume Down key and keep holding it;
  3. Don’t let go of the two buttons until the screen becomes black, then it displays the Apple Logo and, finally, it returns to the Lock screen.


To factory reset an Apple iPhone 8, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max from the menus…

  1. Go to Settings / General;
  2. Use the Reset option and confirm that you have the right to reset the phone by typing the Apple ID and password;
  3. Wait for the device to handle this process and return to the lock screen on its own.


Basically, to factory reset an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, you must back up everything, use the Reset device option, and select the Delete All option. When it finishes, the iPhone also reboots and returns to the main screen.

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