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How To Find iPhone X/iPhone 10 IP Address

Wherever an electronic device and an internet connection are involved, there’s also an IP address. That’s how devices are connected to a network and how the web works. So, if you are connecting your iPhone X/iPhone 10 to a wireless network, you might want to know your exact IP address.

This address works as a unique identifier and, if you have a little bit of tech knowledge – or you are planning to get some of it, knowing it will come in handy. You could use the IP address as a specific destination for various file transfers and now only. Before you get to that part, you’d better familiarize yourself with the basics.


The iPhone X/iPhone 10 IP address – where do you get it from?

  1. Begin by unlocking the display of your iPhone X/iPhone 10;
  2. Then, navigate to the Settings app and launch it;
  3. Go to the Wi-Fi section;
  4. From the details displayed in there, select your own network;
  5. Check the iPhone IP address field listed in that section.


Now that you know the iPhone X/iPhone 10 IP address, the fun part can begin. From adjusting your router’s bandwidth settings to connecting to another iPhone via SSH and even handling a file transfer, there’s a lot you can do. Lesson number one was just introduced to you, if you need help with how to use the iPhone X/iPhone 10 IP address, we’re here for you!

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