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How To Fix Black Screen Problem On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

The screen of your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max no longer wakes up when you expect less? You try to unlock the device but nothing shows up, the display stays black and the smartphone doesn’t respond to any command? You probably weren’t hoping for this to happen to you, but, unfortunately, it can happen. And it happens to numerous Apple iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max users from around the world. For all of them and for you, in particular, we have prepared this tutorial with different options that might help you tackle the black screen issue on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max the next time when it will decide to manifest randomly.


Skip the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max black screen with a Wipe Cache Partition in Recovery Mode:

  1. To access the Recovery Mode, you will first have to connect the device to a computer;
  2. Next, launch the iTunes;
  3. Initiate a force restart of the iPhone still connected to the computer:
    • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button;
    • Simultaneously press and hold the Home button;
    • Do that for 10 seconds minimum, until the Apple logo shows up;
    • Only release the buttons when the Recovery Mode screen starts loading;
  4. Once you’re in, look for one of the two options: Update or Restore;
  5. Select the Update option and wait for the iTunes to reinstall your iOS (this should spare you from losing the data).


If you need a series of more detailed explanations in this chapter, check out our extensive guide on how to clear cache for the iPhone.


Fix the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs black screen problem with a factory reset:

If you’ve wiped the cache but nothing changed, you can no longer avoid the process that will simply delete everything. It’s true, it will delete your data, but it should also delete the cause of the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max black screen. Even if you didn’t have the chance to back up your files, you can and you should still follow this guide to factory reset the iPhone . Otherwise, you are running out of options.


Get in touch with an Apple technician to ask for some help:

You probably know that wiping the cache followed by a hard reset are two of the most common troubleshooting options for an iPhone user. If you’ve been there and done that yet the screen of your Apple iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max is still black, there’s really no other fix that you could perform without professional assistance. So, prepare yourself to put the device into the hands of the Apple team for a thorough physical check. It shouldn’t surprise you if they conclude that the smartphone has to be replaced…

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