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How To Fix “Cannot Get Mail The Connection To The Server Failed” On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

If you’ve been getting this message lately on your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max – “Cannot get mail the connection to the server failed” – it is probably something that you don’t want to forget about. After all, it says that you are currently unable to receive emails on the iPhone. And if you’re addicted to your email app or if you maintain important work or personal communication through it, you’d better start going through our solutions presented below.

From what we know, the error is most commonly associated with an attempt of retrieving new emails from Microsoft Exchange. It may or may not be your case, but here’s what you must do right now.


Step 1 – retype your account password

This is a common mistake when an Apple user goes on a desktop computer and changes his or her mail password but forgets to do the same on the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. If you did that, now when you’re back to checking the mail from the smartphone, your app is still trying to use the old data, which is no longer available.

  1. Head to Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendar;
  2. Tap the Account sub-menu;
  3. Go to Password;
  4. Select the Password option and type that recently added password.

That way, you’re updating the information on your iPhone to the most recent changes associated with your mail account. And just so you know, it might require you doing it for 2 or 3 times in a row. Don’t get scared if you’ve just updated your account password and you still get that error.


Step 2 – tweak the password settings

If you couldn’t fix the problem by simply typing your new password, try to change it once again, with a new password, but directly on the iPhone, not on a desktop. Whether you’re doing it on your Yahoo account or on the Microsoft exchange account, there’s a high probability that it will work this time.


Step 3 – temporarily move all your mails

So, you actually got that low probability and the step 2 didn’t work. Now, you should create a new folder on the mail server and bring in there the entire content of your inbox. Of course, you’ll switch it back, eventually, but for now, you’re merely testing if it has any positive effect on helping you to receive new emails on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.


Step 4 – edit the security settings of Microsoft Exchange

We’ll just stick to the facts for this one, so, here is how you do it:

  1. Launch the Active Directory Users And Computers;
  2. Select View, right on the top menu;
  3. Then, select Advanced Features;
  4. Identify the problematic mail account and access its properties;
  5. Switch to the Security tab;
  6. Again, select Advanced;
  7. Spot the “Include inheritable permissions for this object’s parent” option and tick the box.


Step 5 – when nothing worked, you could try the following alternatives:

  1. Reset the passwords for all your mail accounts, but only AFTER you have turned off the cloud;
  2. Reset the main services by enabling and disabling the Airplane mode;
  3. Delete the account that is currently not getting any messages and create it all over again, as a new one;
  4. Use the Reset Network Settings option from (Settings\General\Reset);
  5. Try to set the entry “Mail Days to Sync” with the “No Limit” status.

Now, is the “Cannot get mail the connection to the server failed” error on iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max still there? Go ask an Apple technician to help you with that!

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