How To Fix Disabled iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro And iPhone 11 Pro Max

The error “iPhone disabled” on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max is intimidating irrespective of the iPhone device it occurs. If you check on the web, you will notice that several guides point to the iTunes feature to solve the iPhone-disabled issue. If you have not used the feature before, this can feel anxious. Therefore, you could be wondering how the iPhone disabled error can be dealt with, allowing you to at least recover your phone data. In this guide, we share some important sentiments, not only regarding the iTunes solution, but also regarding icloud solution.


Here, we shall discuss:

  1. The procedure for fixing iPhone disabled on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 using the iTunes feature
  2. The procedure for fixing iPhone disabled on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 using the icloud feature


Later on, we shall illustrate how you can get to the Recovery Mode and restore the phone from the recovery mode.


Introduction to the iTunes Approach

Seeing the iTunes method while you know that there is not backup, you already know what to expect. However, it is worth noting that you shall regain access to the phone. However, you will have to pay a price for this, is loss of the information stored in there. However, this is not the case if you had a backup of the data and the files. The bottom line is that the iPhone SE will be cleaned up. However, you will regain access to the previously disabled iPhone


An overview to the icloud method

The icloud solution is also a helpful approach, just like the iTunes method is. The information that was stored on the icloud storage will be available and can be restored once the phone issue has been sorted out. Therefore, one of the icloud backups can be used to restore those files.

In case the issue is as a result of keying the wrong Passcode multiple times, the iPhone will help you. However, it is important noting that you have to closely check the backup to use. Of course, the most recent one is the most important. Therefore, if you want to see the backup to use, sign in using the Apple IP from the settings mode. If the device is synched, you will view the applications data, and all other files will be recovered.


Restoring using Recovery mode Approach

  1. The recovery mode is the finals option when trying to regain access to the iPhone through the iTunes using a PC.
  2. Establish a connection between the iPhone and the PC
  3. Start the application from the PC
  4. Tap on the iPhone from the application
  5. Tap restore option that is listed at the summary tab
  6. Onwards, you shall be able to notice that iTunes is restored successfully and you can restore the iPhone.


The last option discussed above, requires that you hold the Home and the Power keys. With the iPhone displaying a dark screen, connect to iTunes and make use of the Restore option when the app prompts that you do so.

One of the troubleshooting procedures shared above, should allow you to use the disabled iPhone.

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