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How To Fix iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Power Button Not Working

The power button not working on an iPhone 8 Plus or even an iPhone 8 device can make you think of the worse. You do need that button to turn the iPhone on and off and you cannot possibly imagine what would you do without it, right?

To cut to the chase, you can tell that the power button is really broken when it doesn’t respond in any way to your actions. By any way, we also mean by not making the buttons to light up! This means that if the screen stays black but the iPhone’s buttons light up, it may not be such a tragedy. In any case, we have a few tips ready to offer you in this direction. Are you ready to hear it?


Advice on how to troubleshoot the iPhone 8 power button not working:

It could be an app with problems or, even worse, a malware that is preventing you from waking up the screen. Going to Safe Mode and trying to rule out the faulty apps is a must. If you’ve accessed this mode and the screen works in there, it’s clearly an app. Proceed to uninstall the apps that you suspect as responsible and monitor for changes.

If the Safe Mode didn’t help, try to bring it to its factory settings. This will make the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus lose all data and settings, information that you should easily restore afterward. For now, the goal is to see if this reset helped to fix the Power button not working.


Right after this action, you might also want to make sure that you are actually using the latest iOS software version as released by your carrier. And just in case, discuss the situation with the service provider to make sure that you’re really not missing anything regarding the software.

From now on, when you hit the power button, the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus screen will turn on. And you can stop worrying that you’ll miss calls as the display is locked even when you have an incoming call – it won’t be the case anymore!

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