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How To Fix iPhone Is Disabled On iPhone X/iPhone 10

As much as you hate the idea, a device would only disable itself to protect your personal data. When someone tries to unlock it with the wrong passcode and does so more than once, at some point, it will lock down. Maybe you forgot the passcode or maybe someone tried to gain unauthorized access but, whatever the context, you need to focus on how to get over it. Ideally, how to get over it without losing your data…


That’s right, the risk is high and it only depends on whether you’ve ever backed up personal information or you’ve completely ignored this aspect. To kill the suspense, we should say that the iTunes and the iCloud are your best hopes, at this stage. If the names ring a bell to you, it is probably because you’ve used them before, at least once. In this case, you might be able to rely on them once again and fix the disabled iPhone X/iPhone 10. And even if you can’t use any of them, do not freak out…


How to fix the iPhone is Disabled from the iCloud

  1. First, get yourself a device with an internet connection, to use it to connect to the iCloud;
  2. Navigate to the Settings app, at the iCloud, and log in with your Apple ID;
  3. Run a sync and verify what kind of data is currently backed up in your iCloud account – think of contact details, photos, the archive with your emails etc;
  4. Proceed with the backup, letting the iCloud do all the work and make your iPhone X/iPhone 10back functional.


How to fix the iPhone is Disabled from the iTunes

  1. Connect the disabled iPhone to a computer;
  2. Turn on the iTunes app and look at its sidepane, at the top-right corner;
  3. Select the iPhone listed in there;
  4. Next, navigate to the Summary tab;
  5. Find the Restore option and use it.


This is the simple part, in theory. Practice will show you if the iTunes method is the right method to fix the disabled iPhone X/iPhone 10. Because it could work without problems or, on the contrary, start triggering some errors that will show you that you cannot enjoy a problem-free restore.

Assuming you were not very lucky and neither the iCloud nor the iTunes was the right call for you… How about you try to boot the device into Recovery Mode and restore it? For this purpose, you must tap and hold the Power button and the Home button until the display turns black. Then, you will have to reconnect the phone to the iTunes app and simply wait for it to detect the iPhone as it boots into Recovery Mode. You can now consider that you have 3 options to try out, so, go ahead and fix the disabled iPhone X/iPhone 10problem!

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