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How To Fix iPhone Is Disabled On iPhone Xs And iPhone Xs Max

Getting to see your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max disabled can happen. And that’s a fact, there’s no point in being outraged or questioning why it happened. The only things that matter are the details that will indicate your solution.


Is the iPhone just disabled or also blocked? Was the iPhone ever before backed up through iTunes or iCloud? Do you have any kind of accessible backup for your apps, music, videos, photos etc?

Long story short, if you’ve never backed up the device and it is now locked and disabled, you have the iTunes method at hand, but that one will wipe everything. Alternatively, you have…


The iCloud solution for fixing a disabled iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max

  1. Use another device where you can access the iCloud account;
  2. Log in with the Apple ID by following the standard path: Settings, iCloud;
  3. Sync the device and make sure that details such as the contacts list, your email archive, your photos and important app data are still there;
  4. And then, proceed with the backup – your iPhone should be up and running again in no time.

Bear in mind that using another device is useful when you’ve introduced the wrong passcode until you have blocked it.


The iTunes solution for fixing a disabled iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max

  1. To access the iTunes on the disabled device you must connect it to a PC;
  2. Once the iTunes launches, in the main window, the sidepane from the top-right corner should list your particular device;
  3. Select your iPhone and go to the Summary tab;
  4. Use the Restore option listed in there.


After this point, there are two things that can happen. It can all work out smoothly, which means you’re lucky enough to enjoy a problem-free restore, or it can start getting into all kinds of errors. If the iTunes works fine, the iPhone will be wiped clean and restored by the book right through the iCloud ID. If you’re not that lucky, prepare to access the Recovery Mode.

For the latter, hold the Home and Power buttons till you see the black screen. Reconnect the iPhone to iTunes. Wait for it to detect the device as booting in Recovery Mode. And let it handle the restore process, this time, hopefully, without any other hiccups.


Your history as an Apple user will most likely dictate the most accessible option. When you need to fix the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max is disabled issue, ask yourself if you’ve ever used the iCloud or the iTunes with the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max and get back to this article. The steps are pretty clear!

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