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How To Fix iPhone X/iPhone 10 Freezing And Crashing

Freezing and crashing are problems that smartphones have been manifesting since the beginning of time. But then again, it’s one thing when they show up on a lousy, cheap smartphone and a completely different thing when your fancy and expensive iPhone X/iPhone 10 is dealing with it. But never mind the fanciness and the hefty price tag you paid for it! The point is that these are supposed to be some of the best performing devices on the market, so, how can you fix these very annoying problems?


There may be many different things wrong about the iPhone X/iPhone 10 . But the practice has shown us that a series of 5 problems are more likely to manifest. Coming up next, we are going to share with you not just the series of probable causes, but also a few hints on how to tackle each of them.

  1. First, you should check the software version;
  2. Second, you should check if only one third-party app is triggering the freezes;
  3. Third, you might want to consider a possible memory glitch;
  4. Fourth, you really need to look into your physical memory’s status;
  5. Finally, try to embrace the idea of a hidden software problem.

Now, let us take them one at a time, as promised above, and see what you can do about it.


iPhone X/iPhone 10 keeps freezing and crashing – Update the software?

Normally, the iPhone should notify you when there’s a new software version available. But just because you didn’t get any message it doesn’t mean it’s not worth to manually check for it. So, access the settings and scan for an iOS update. If you find anything available, don’t hesitate to install it.


iPhone X/iPhone 10 keeps freezing and crashing – Uninstall that app?

Obviously, this is a very specific problem. As suggested above, you must only consider this option when you notice that the device tends to crash or freeze when running a particular app. If that happens, it’s usually a third-party app.

Check up on it within the Apple App Store, see what other users have to say about it, see if the developer has recently updated the software in any way and then… make up your mind. Should you avoid using it until an update will be available for it and see if it changes anything? Or should you just uninstall the problematic app and forget about it?


iPhone X/iPhone 10 keeps freezing and crashing – Clear the data?

That’s what you do when you suspect a memory glitch. If you’re not the kind of user who pays attention to performing periodic restarts of the iOS, it might come to a memory glitch. So, try to identify the apps that are running when this glitch interferes. Then…

  1. Go to the Settings app, at the General section;
  2. Open up the Storage & iCloud Usage list of options;
  3. Select Manage Storage and, after that, Documents & Data;
  4. Find the items associated with your problematic app;
  5. Swipe to the left on each of the entries you wish to clear;
  6. Use the Delete button to initiate the action;
  7. Or just remove all the data at once, with the Edit and the Delete All commands.


iPhone X/iPhone 10 keeps freezing and crashing – Clean up the memory?

You know, before you give up on an app that you really liked and possibly even needed, consider this possibility as well: the iPhone might actually lack the physical memory that the app needs for an optimal functionality. Go on, do a serious cleanup to free up as much space as you can, and see how your apps are running afterward.


iPhone X/iPhone 10 keeps freezing and crashing – Try a factory reset?

You know what they say, when you don’t know what to do and you don’t want to take the iPhone to an authorized service… You read a guide on the topic of iPhone X/iPhone 10 factory reset. You follow the instructions in there (pay attention to creating a backup!!!) and you hope that, once you start reconfiguring the iPhone, all those freezing and crashing problems will be left behind.

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