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How To Fix iPhone X/iPhone 10 Keeps Restarting

The shortest path from a frustrating iPhone X/iPhone 10 that keeps restarting to a stable and perfectly functional device is through… the Apple Care service. That’s probably not the answer you were hoping for, but it is our duty to remind you: sometimes, the simplest solution is to let someone else handle your problems.


If you go to the Apple Support Page, you should have the chance to use its serial number and check if it still benefits from the Apple Care warranty or not. If it does, you’re very lucky and you should take advantage of it. If it doesn’t, we won’t make you feel sorry about it more than you already do. Let’s show you what options are opened for you, at least for the time being…

So, have you thought about resetting the Cellular Data?

How about restoring the iPhone X/iPhone 10 from the iTunes?

Maybe you prefer the Recovery Mode restore option?

Would you prefer a painful investigation of some potentially malfunctioning apps?


We’ll get to detail each of them in a minute or so. We just want to give you a heads-up, so that you will know, before you actually restore the iPhone X/iPhone 10, that this action means you’ll be left with no data. Back things up or make sure you have an updated backup waiting to be installed once the restore is done, will you? As long as you have the backup, you will need to connect to iTunes and it will be pretty simple. Now, for the hard part…


The Cellular Data reset steps:

  1. Within the main Settings app, you have this menu labeled as Cellular;
  2. Open up that menu and look for the Cellular Data entry listed in there;
  3. Select that tab and you will find a toggle dedicated to the Cellular Data;
  4. Turn it Off and let it stay deactivated for a few minutes;
  5. Eventually, turn the Cellular Data back on and see if it changes the pattern of these sudden resets in any way.

For more information on the iPhone Cellular Data reset, you can consult this page whenever you want. The Apple Support Center is providing, as usual, more than enough information on all the topics of interest, this one included.


The iPhone X/iPhone 10 restore steps in iTunes:

  1. Simultaneously long-press the Power and Home buttons;
  2. When the screen turns black, connect the iPhone to the iTunes app;
  3. Wait until the iTunes detects your iPhone X/iPhone 10 and boots into Recovery Mode;
  4. Proceed to initiate the restore process, which should stop the device from constantly restarting.


The iPhone X/iPhone 10 restore in Recovery Mode:

Apple users restore their devices all the time and most of them are already aware that they need a backup before erasing everything. Now, you’re either dealing with constant restarts that don’t give you the time to back things up, or you are lucky enough to have this option. For the second situation, make the effort of creating a backup. Then, you must connect the iPhone to a computer and launch the iTunes. Press and release the Volume Up button, do the same with the Volume Down button, and then, hold the Side button until the Recovery Mode screen starts to load.


The third-party app investigation process:

If you’ve followed our previous indications in detail, you are currently in the following situation. You have restored the iPhone through 2 different methods but it still restarts. What’s the common element? Most likely, the backup that you install after the restore, to get your apps and personal information back. That’s when you should begin to suspect a third-party app with problems.

Try to see which are the newest apps or which apps seem to be running most often when the iPhone keeps restarting. Uninstall that app (or those apps!) and then, reboot and run a sync with the iTunes. We get it that this is a trial and error process and not necessarily the most entertaining activity. But then again, the only thing left is taking it for a technical inspection and paying for that service, if you no longer have the Apple warranty.

One way or another, you must find the cause of this iPhone X/iPhone 10 that keeps restarting.

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