How To Fix iPhone X/iPhone 10 Power Button Not Working

Nobody enjoys trying to turn on the iPhone X/iPhone 10 only to discover that the Power button doesn’t seem to work anymore. The insecurity of not knowing how to deal with it, doubled by the fear that you may not be able to use your expensive iPhone from now on must be hard to bear.


But still, things aren’t always as black as they seem to be. Sometimes, the Power button is simply stuck, not broken, and tapping on it several times in a row could make it work back. Other times, the iPhone has such a low battery that it can no longer respond to your commands. And plugging in the charger might give you the chance to set things straight after a few minutes of having your battery charged.

The only positive sign you should be looking for is the status of your soft keys light. In case you didn’t notice this before, when you touch a hard key of the iPhone, the soft keys tend to light up. If this happens even as the display does not want to turn on, you have reasons to stay optimistic.


To fix the iPhone X/iPhone 10 problem with Power button…

You should first try to switch from the normal running mode to Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, no third-party is allowed to function so, if the cause of your unresponsive Power button really was a malfunctioning app or a malware, this is where you begin. The simple fact that the Power button problem stops in Safe Mode is a sign of a software problem.


You might already suspect a particular app or have no clue as to where to start your investigation from. If it’s the first one, you can start uninstalling the apps you think might be at fault. If it’s the second, consider restoring the iPhone X/iPhone 10 to the factory settings. It will delete your settings, data, personal information and so on, but if you have a backup in place, you will reactivate it quite easily.

After the reset and the installation of the latest iOS version available, the iPhone should no longer give you such problems. Otherwise, you’ll have to take the iPhone X/iPhone 10 with Power button not working and have it inspected by an Apple technician.

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